About RudeWorld.Net

First and foremost, RudeWorld.net is my hobby site, I blow this site up at times. I love technology and motorcycles, I enjoy giving back to people and businesses in the Biker and Technology Communities. This site represents both my passions rolled into one virtual container. I know some very solid people and businesses and they are proudly represented on this site.

About Me

If you would like to contact me about web hosting, server management, domain registration or building an internet presence for you please feel free. I do freelance work in PHP, Perl, Java, C, C++ to name a few. I have 28 years experience in networking and computing on all levels, in all markets public and private. In the real world I design highly scalable, redundant, sites for enterprise. Some of my customers include Redhat, Google, Facebook, Mattel, SAIC, Local and Federal Government and many others. I Co-Own a business with a fantastic partner. We have been in business and running strong for 18 years. We love what we do and the thought of doing anything else is insane to us.

I enjoy working with small business owners the most, the ones that could use a technical edge in their market and less bullshit from people selling high priced garbage and shitty services. I’d be rich right now if I could be heartless and over priced. I have taught that, “throwing money at a problem, does not make it go away! I can build you from the ground up on the latest, stable and fastest hardware and networks. I believe proof is in the results. Hosted by FurtherAssistance.com Use coupon code RESCUE to move your site to us and we can begin building you out immediately in most cases or within 24-48 hours. Contact me



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