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RudeWorld.Net Bike of the Week. January 18, 2016

This is something new we are starting. This weeks Bike of The Week for January 18, 2016 belongs to Dan Alacantae.

1995 FXD-CONV   (Convertible) 80 Cubic inch EVO. Convertible Dyna’s came from the factory with a full dresser windshield, 13.2″ shocks, extended length fork tubes and the removable canvas and leather luggage bags. The windshield in this case was ditched for obvious reasons. It has a re-worked CV carb, EV-27 Cam, Cobra HP header pipe, SE Hot ignition, SE Coil, 9mm Wires and SE Control Module. Some other add on’s are the SE oil cooler, Custom mounted tool bag, Progressive 444 shocks, Chinese flood light bar, LED H4 bulb and LED button turn signals. The fairing is a Rifle with the 18″ shield. Bars are 14″ WCTB Chrome Slingshots. The sissybar is a San Diego customes with a home built backrest pad. The paint is a Cobalt Blue Metallic with a Ghost flame treatment in Gray. Located in Southern California, Dan was not one for words it seems. We tried to interview Dan several times and get details of the bike but he kept playing on Facebook and fucking around.

Dan Alacante Bike of the Week. January 20, 2016 – Interview and Background

Speaking with Dan Alcantae, is an experience all its own. You wonder if he’s
awake or on some heavy shit or thinking about your demise. He has mastered
the blank stare. Once you get him talking though, watch out! Those words start
flying out of him, sometimes two or three at a time.
Mostly, Dan just communicates with head nods or shakes.  He rarely uses
more than three or four words in a sentence and his responses online are usually
little more than a single word or emoticon. This is just his way to avoid
conversations with people. In fact he hates everyone.

Interview Transcript:

Rude World – So tell us man, you have put a lot of work into this bike, we can
see that. We also appreciate the fact that its an every day rider not a garage
bike or weekened warrior bike. Its a 1995 FXD Converatable and everywhere we
look you have customized something on it, specifically to fit you. The
pictures sadly do not do your bike justice man. Tell us, what are peoples
reactions to your bike in everday life, like when you park at a grocery store?

Dan Alacante – Fuck People! Stay the Fuck away from My Dyna!

End Interview.

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