Pardon our Digital Dust!

May 1, 2016

RudeWorld.Net Private Messenging Service

Rude World’s Private Messenging Service is online and operational. I believe all people have a right to communicate without being spied on. My Chat and Messenger Service is encrypted from end to end, there are no logs retained on the server and you can fully delete the messages on your cell device whenever you want. Mine are automatically deleted when I close my app, nothing left behind, no bread crumbs, no “paper trail”. The service is based on XMPP so there are many clients for Android, iPhone, tablets and your Desktop systems. I personally like AstraChat for Apple devices. You must know a users name in order to add them to your contact list and chat. Also in order to join you must use a fake account with the address ending in, we dont want your real email address even though it was easier to configure that way, we do not want to know who you are or where you are connecting from. You can pick any alias you desire. You can reach out to me with any questions, comments or concerns you may have. If you abuse the service I will kick you off it just as fast as your joined it, no love lost at all. About logging – Logging will be turned on and off as needed. If I need to debug a connection problem or code issue I will turn logging on do what I need to, to correct the problem and then turn logging off  afterwards. All logs of any kind for the service will then be obliterated and future logs sent to /dev/null, in the UNIX World this is a complete void, absolute nothing. I keep the network small so it fast as shit on the backend for message delivery. This service is being added or used in conjunction with my Private Events and Password Protected Maps, GPS and driving Directions to the Events. I will be enhancing this service as time goes on and new features are requested. I am providing this as a service, based off a desire to offer you something that should be free, but has slowly been stolen from you while you were not watching! Corps and the Gov are greedy, they steal your rights and sell them back to you. Bullshit and not this time.

April 14, 2016

RudeWorld.Net has switched completely to HTTPS only

The switch to HTTPS only has been completed. All images and links have been rewritten to the new URL’s. There are a few plugins I have opened tickets with asking them to provide their content to HTTPS so there are no HTTP links causing a broken lock to appear. In the meantime I have taken the insecure third party content and moved it locally to offer it securely.

Theme Update – I updated the theme to a little more gritty look. I like the look and feel. I am working on a way that users can switch the background of the page to various other backgrounds I have. The base colors stay the same but the other backgrounds are cool as shit and totally change the experience.

There was a bug in this theme that caused the tinymce editor to not show the theme colors. There was a black background with black letters, that completely sucked because you could not read the page at all. It was a dumb functions call that I changed, for the more technical at heart it was mceContentBody in functions.php that needed to be placed by The Customizer in wordpress.css. That was the easy way, I took that hard route until I discovered the easy shit, of course.

Events Calendar is still under major development. Anyone that uses the Events Calendar knows that theme’ing it is a pain in the ass. I am not talking about simply switching colors, anyone can do that. I am talking turning shit sideways, overlaying directions, pulling GPS directly from your location to assist in navigation, etc. I have all that working but I am constantly changing the appearance. One day I look at it and I like it, the next its the ugliest shit on the internet, so I change it up again. If you, as a user, could tell me what you would like I would be glad to work it out for you. Hit me up

Exposure and Promotion – I figured out better way to push to search engines and social media, using some tools that were available that just needed some tweaking. I am using those methods now with some fantastic results for people advertising Events, Charities, Fund Raisers, etc. If I can use the technology to help someone in need, I have done what I set out to do.

March 15, 2016

RudeWorld.Net is switching to HTTPS only

Since we have had the site up and developing it for a while there are a lot of mixed resources. Everything is local but we just have to fix the links now so everything points to HTTPS. We are doing this for your security. The biggest reason is because the information you send on the Internet is passed from computer to computer to get to the destination server. Any computer in between you and the server can see your credit card numbers, usernames and passwords, and other sensitive information if it is not encrypted with an SSL certificate. Well, we believe in the right to Privacy. Also, we need this for some upcoming announcements and services we are about to offer you.


* General security. When we enforce HTTPS, we are guaranteeing you no information passed between our server and your client can be intercepted and stolen or messed with in any way. That’s great for a site like this that has a login system and will eventually accepts credit cards in some places for certain things.

* The site as it is intended for you to use it. Hotel WiFi systems and even ISPs can mess with HTTP traffic and insert their own
advertising code, how do you think Google, Facebook, Yahoo put those adds on your screen? They can’t do that over HTTPS.

* There are other reasons but every one of them is to enhance your security on this site. To assure that you are where you are supposed to be and seeing what you are supposed to see.

Events Section – March 10, 2106

Events Section is undergoing some major CSS work. We love The Events Calender but it doesnt fit our theme in the ways we want so we are redoing almost the complete CSS on this for both Desktop and Mobile.


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