AB 51 Update ABATE of California

ATTENTION MOTORCYCLISTS:Here is the latest from ABATE of California on the pending Lane Sharing Bill AB 51. You are strongly urged to contact the members of the California State Senate Appropriations Committee to urge their support. If you live in their district even better, go to their WEB site and leave your message there. I’ll give you the list with the contacts then the sample letter and below that will be my recommended note. It is of great importance that we get this done, DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

June 22, 2016

Hello ABATE member!

On Monday, June 27th, AB51 (lane splitting bill) will be heard in the Senate Appropriations Committee. ABATE is asking all members to email and / or call each of the below members of that committee and ask them to support the bill. I have also attached a sample letter / email that you can reference when sending your emails.

Senator Richard Lara – Chairman senator.lara@nullsenate.ca.gov 916-651-4033

Senator Patricia Bates – Vice-chair senator.bates@nullsenate.ca.gov 916-651-4036

Senator Jim Beall – senator.beall@nullsenate.ca.gov 916-651-4015

Senator Jerry Hill – senator.hill@nullsenate.ca.gov 916-651-4013

Senator Mike McGuire – senator.mcguire@nullsenate.ca.gov 916-651-4002

Senator Tony Mendoza – senator.mendoza@nullsenate.ca.gov 916-651-4032

Senator Jim Nielsen – senator.nielsen@nullsenate.ca.gov 916-651-4004

June 22, 2016

Honorable Senator _______

California Senate Appropriations Committee

 I am writing to inform you of my support of AB51 (Lane Splitting: Educational Guidelines), which will allow for the development of educational guidelines on safe lane splitting practices. AB51 will be heard in the Senate Appropriations Committee on Monday, June 27th

California law is silent on lane splitting. Since current law does not explicitly prohibit it, lane splitting is an accepted practice. Currently, there are no guidelines or safety standards to guide drivers on how to safely maneuver motorcycles when lane splitting. 

The California Highway Patrol (CHP), with the help of a diverse set of stakeholders (including ABATE of California), drafted a set of guidelines and posted them on CHP’s website. However, a discrepancy as to whether or not these guidelines were underground regulations forced CHP to pull the guidelines from its websites. As a result, CHP had to curtail all education and outreach efforts on lane splitting. 

 In recognizing the many benefits lane splitting can provide to California motorcyclists’ safety and our overly congested roads, AB 51will codify lane splitting and provide clarity in statute by stating that the California Highway Patrol; with input from the Department of Motor Vehicles, the Department of Transportation, the Office of Traffic Safety and our motorcycle safety organization, has authority to develop educational guidelines on lane splitting. 

AB 51 will keep our roads safer and our drivers better educated. I support AB51 and look forward to working with you to ensure its passage.

The increase in safety and lives saved by passing this bill forward far outweigh the minor expenses that will be incurred by its’ implementation. I encourage you to support AB51 as written and support the benefits listed above.


your name

                                  OR Mine

Honorable Senator___________________

     You are about to vote on some legislation that is very important to me. AB 51 the Lane Sharing Bill. I would like to be represented by a YES vote on this piece of common sense Legislation.

Thank You, John Q. Taxpayer

                  AGAIN DO IT or LOOSE IT